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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Oil Tycoon v5.0

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Frequently Asked Questions - Oil Tycoon v5.0

Q:  I'm a beta tester for Oil Tycoon! v5.0, and I can't upload my scores with the full version of Oil Tycoon!
A:  Beta testers cannot upload their scores using v5.0.  You must download the v5.02 patch, available here.  Also, if you did not register v5.0 using a coupon number or credit card, you will have to register Oil Tycoon! v5.02 when you install the patch.  If you do not have a coupon number, contact tycoon@oiltycoon.com to see if you qualify for one (all beta testers automatically qualify).

Q: How do I register Oil Tycoon!?
A: If you have the shareware version of Oil Tycoon! v5.0, follow these directions:

  1. Start up the program.
  2. Once you're in the main screen, click the Register! menu item on the top.
  3. Select Internet if you would like to order online, or Mail Order if you would like to print out an order form.
  4. Fill out the information on the screen. Please make sure all of the information is correct.
  5. If you have a coupon number, enter it in the Coupon Number box.  Also, make sure your credit card number and expiration date are provided if you are using a credit card.
  6. When you are finished, click the Continue button.
  7. Make sure you are connected to the Internet if you are making an Internet order.  If you are planning to print out an order form, make sure your printer is online.  Click OK to continue.
  8. For mail orders, select your printer and click OK to print out an order form.  Send in the form to the address printed on the page.
  9. For Internet orders, Oil Tycoon! will contact the server to verify your coupon number and obtain a final price.  During this process, no sensitive information is sent.
  10. Make sure the price is correct, and click OK to continue.  Your information will be sent to the server through a secure SSL connection.  Once everything has been checked, your software will be registered.

Note on Security:  All sensitive information is sent through secure lines between your computer, our servers, and the credit card companies.  We use CyberCash"! for credit card verification and processing.  If you would like more information about CyberCash"!, visit their web site at http://www.cybercash.com.  If you have any additional questions, please contact ksampson@rockymountainsys.com .

Q: Why do my high scores for the beta version of Oil Tycoon! have to be deleted before I can play the new version?
A: The new version is not compatible with the older high scores.  You can still see the high scores for the beta version at http://www.oiltycoon.com/highscoresb3.shtml .

Q: I have a video card that uses the Savage4 chipset by S3, and I. m getting some unusual problems when right-clicking various items on the screen.  What. s causing this?
A: This is a problem with older drivers for the Savage4 chipset.  Newer versions of the drivers have been confirmed to work on some video cards.  Go to the following web site for the new drivers.


Try downloading the drivers for your particular video card first. If the game still does not work, download the S3 Reference drivers (currently version 8.10.10 for Windows 98 and 8.10.07 for Windows 95 are reported to work) and install them.

Q: When I try to register, it gives me any error stating that I have an invalid coupon code.
A: Email us, and we'll send you a new coupon number to use for registration.

Q: I get an error when I start the program, stating that a required file is missing.
A: Please make sure you have downloaded the Visual Basic 5.0 run-time files and installed them on your system.  To find these files, go to http://www.download.com, and search for . visual basic 5.0 runtime. (without the quotes).  The most recent version is called the . Visual Basic 5.0 Runtime Module Service Pack 3..   Follow the directions to install the files.  After restarting your computer, try running Oil Tycoon! again.

Q: I. m having trouble registering electronically.  How do I register Oil Tycoon! via mail?
A: If for some reason you cannot register Oil Tycoon! using the built-in electronic registration, you can print out an order form.  Select the option . Mail Order. on the Registration screen, and fill out your information as normal.  The program will print out a registration form you can use to order via mail.

Q: I. m having trouble uploading my scores to the Internet.
A: Make sure you are currently connected to the Internet.  If you are still having trouble, try going to http://www.oiltycoon.com with your Internet browser -- if it cannot connect, something may be wrong with either your Internet connection or the Oil Tycoon! server.  In this case, try again later.

Q: I have a commment, question, or suggestion, or I found a bug in the program.  How do I report it?
A: Click here to proceed to the Technical Support form.  Fill out all the information, and click the Submit button.  We will respond within 2 business days.

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Tips and Tricks

  • Importing and exporting crude is usually a bad idea.  It is better to receive crude from your land plots, refine into various products, and sell the products on the market.
  • Always make sure the differences between the refining costs and the selling price of products are high.
  • Some products, such as lubricants and gasoline, tend to vary in price quite a bit.  If you buy when itís low, you can be in a good position to make quite a bit of profit.
  • When starting out, survey a few of the smaller plots.  Purchase the ones that have the most oil and the highest pumping rate.
  • Be careful not to purchase too many land plots and drill too many wells early in the game!  You will get too much oil, and you may not have enough money to buy storage units, which will force you to rent storage.  There will be no way to stop the oil from coming in, except by selling your land plots.  Buy plots and drill wells at a moderate pace in the beginning.
  • Do not let miss payments on your loans!  Your credit rating will plummet, and you will not be able to take out any more loans.  Furthermore, the bank may begin to repossess your assets to pay off debt.  Always make sure you have enough cash at the end of a turn to pay off loans.  If you need to and are able, take out a loan from the bank if you donít have enough cash to pay off another loan.
  • Use graphs to your advantage.  At the beginning of every turn, you can have a nice synopsis of the productsí prices and refining costs.  Watch for any sudden jumps or dips, and take advantage while you can!

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E-Mail Support

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