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Version History

 Version 1.0: Tycoon! was originally started in 1988 by Jeffrey T. Korringa and Michael A. Swenson. The first Oil Tycoon! was written on the Commodore 64 and was originally for Jeff and Mike's entertainment purposes only.

Version 2.0: Version 2.0 came in 1989 when Quick Basic v4.0 hit the market. This was Jeff & Mike's first attempt to write an executable program. Version 2.0 was very simple and was in color (at that time, color was a luxury, not a necessity). The only problem that occurred in version 2.0 was the text color scheme was Red. When the user changed the tint on their monitor, it changed the color to Yellow. A letter was sent to Rocky Mountain Software that said, "...please send another copy of Tycoon! v2.0, my version is fading from use." meaning the color was turning to yellow and was very hard to read (we got quite a few kicks out of that one).

Version 3.0: Version 3.0 came when Jeff decided to center the text and change the color scheme (to a non fading color). During the coding process, an error occurred and a line of programming was left out of the code. This allowed users to import refined products and therefore sell product short (as much as they liked). Tycoon! was very easy to master after that and there were quite a few billionaires created from this glitch. Unfortunately, Tycoon! v3.0 was lost when Jeff's computer crashed and all of the program files went with it. The executable was on a local BBS and is still available to this day.

Version 4.0: Version 4.0 Beta never hit the market. This was going to be the "Best of the Best". Jeff & Mike spent literally hundreds of hours programming Tycoon! v4.0 for DOS. This was the first Tycoon to be written in Turbo Pascal. After many release dates and promises, they finally gave up and issued v4.0 to users who wanted to test it. Not much feedback was received due to the many errors in the code. This program could have been a hit if it was finished on time and actually worked. It was amazing the graphics they had included considering the time frame it was written in (1990-1994).

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